(+ clip ) /La foire /Ware Mensch /Tchiki boum

THIS is our best is a best of ! Songs were choosen by DS, directly from Bruxelles (U can buy it on their website)
Unlucky Luc /Secret Agent /His story /La complainte de John Farrow /Unsere hochflegenden Pläne /This IS a lovesong /Aug'99
Aug'99 /The phone (is crying) /Superhéros / Il neige
Unlucky Luc /Secret Agent /Phéromone /Joug contre joug /His story /7ème ciel /La complainte de John Farrow /Disco-rire (sur la vie) /Unsere hochflegenden Pläne /Fight club /This IS a lovesong /Post romantic

Music by :
Ax Delbor /Mr Hixe
/The Soft Rider

Music by :
LaLaLa /Dj Björn Björk /Mr Hixe/Ayato/A Guy In Light/ Bummtchak / The Pulse/ PuyoPuyo

Music by :
The Pulse/Solar /PuyoPuyo
Music by :
LaLaLa /Dj Björn Björk /Mr Hixe /Igor Abdim 8/Mr Hixe /Mr Hixe /Ayato
/Rospcampsinsky /A Guy In Light /Puyo Puyo /Bummtchak /Ax Delbor